How Ultra-Fast Internet Can Improve Your Business – Teleconnect Service

How Ultra-Fast Internet Can Improve Your Business – Teleconnect Service

The Way We Do Business Is Changing

We are becoming more and more reliant on the internet and thus creating a new generation of applications and cloud services. However, our outdated digital infrastructure is holding businesses back as it is unable to cope with the volume of data we are producing. This is limiting our ability to grow.

For both small businesses and enterprises alike, ultrafast internet connectivity can transform your working environment. More than 42% of employees say poor technology is stopping them being as productive as they would like to be, and internet outages cost the UK economy up to £7 Billion every year.

With ultra-fast internet connectivity, businesses are fully future-proofed and ready to embrace the emerging technologies and cloud services that will help them innovate and succeed.

Ultra-Fast Speeds With Super-Low Latency

With a pure fibre connection directly into your business, you will have access to symmetrical, gigabit upload and download speeds, increasing efficiency and productivity. Unlike so-called ‘fibre’ broadband services, there is no copper to restrict the Internet speeds it can support, meaning practically limitless capacity.

Consistant Speed, No Matter How Many People Are Using The Network

Ethernet speed internet is on average 100x faster than current broadband speed. Staff working in a range of ways, office based or remotely, can simultaneously access an Ethernet network at peak times with no drop in speeds. This means it’s possible for everyone to do whatever they need online at the same time without waiting around for pages to load or content to buffer.

Next-Generation Services And The Cloud Revolution

A pure fibre connection can support your business now and as your digital requirements evolve in the future. Virtually limitless capacity means a new world of applications become practical solutions, from Office 365 and video conferencing, to cloud communications.

Revolutionising Business Comms

Ditch your landline for a cheaper, smarter VoIP telephone system and have your meetings face to face with HD video conferencing tools. With ultrafast internet, video conferencing will be lag free, helping to bring businesses together, even when they’re at opposite sides of the world.

Resilient And Reliable

Business services can run smoothly over a state-of-the-art infrastructure, where pure fibre connectivity represents a truly diverse connectivity solution, completely independent from incumbent infrastructure. Business class SLA’s mean that if you do encounter any issues, they are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Amazing Speeds At Incredible Prices

Teleconnect Service have been helping local Leeds businesses get connected for nearly 30 years and now we can offer Gigabit connections right across your city using the City Fibre Network. An ultra-fast, pure fibre network is designed and built to support current and future digital requirements, creating an infrastructure to future-proof our cities – from schools and hospitals to hotels and homes.

Get Up To £3,000 Off With The Voucher Scheme

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have £200 million to spend testing ways to accelerate delivery of full-fibre. One of the chosen methods is to use connection vouchers. The scheme may be suspended at any time. You could get a minimum of £500 and maximum of £3,000!

Check if you are eligible for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme with Teleconnect Service:

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