Keep teachers, staff and parents connected with a smart, powerful, hosted phone system from Teleconnect.

The education sector must consider many factors when introducing a telephony system. Schools look for four main things in a phone system:

• Resilience
• Safety
• Efficiency
• Cost

One of the biggest challenges for schools and colleges is managing budgets. Educational leaders are faced with the challenge of making efficiencies, whilst delivering high-quality services to students. Students want the best learning experience and teachers need the right tools to deliver the best outcomes. But what are the best tools? And how can schools and colleges keep up with the fast-evolving digital age?

Our phone systems support the day-to-day operations of schools. Teacher and student safety is paramount and therefore a communication system that enables the staff and students to be safer at school is imperative.

Instant messaging is beneficial, especially where an emergency situation arises or where a quick response is required between teachers and staff.

Having the ability to prioritise calls is a must. The nature of a school environment means that particular calls will take on a greater priority than others, and the system must be able to cope with this demand.

The main challenge for schools is selecting a telephony system that has the high-quality features required within a set budget. At Teleconnect, we provide this with a comprehensive range of technology solutions including Security, VoIP and Connectivity services.

A simple, quick and effective emergency Lockdown system is now an integral part of every school security set-up.

The Emergency Alert System from Teleconnect takes priority over any other usage. Applications within the system can be set to operate across the entire campus both internally and externally ensuring complete coverage throughout the school grounds.

Teleconnect provide a comprehensive range of PA and CCTV systems for schools together with a wide range of other products and services offering a genuine One stop shop for School security and technology.

• Simple to use telephone systems and cloud solutions.
• Public Address installation to aid Lockdown and Emergency Evacuation scenarios.
• Design and supply CCTV solutions to enhance school security.
• Hot Desking allowing access to handsets and voicemail from anywhere.
• Secure Pin Code access to assist with GDPR compliance.
• Voicemail to email feature.
• Call Recording.
• Integrate with educational software.
• Easy absentee reporting.
• Mobile Phone Integration.
• Reduced line rental charges and Free Call Package to save money.
• Faster Speed broadband and leased lines.
• Free Communications Audit.
• Provide parent dial-in access to pre-recorded messages on exam results, timetables, school trips etc.
• Manufacturer led cash allowance when replacing old technology.
• Installation of communication solutions whilst the school/college is closed.
• Deliver voice and data infrastructures such as CAT5/6.

Save up to £6,000 with a range of Educational Discount Vouchers from Teleconnect.

Alongside the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, we have introduced an incentive to help schools upgrade to the latest technology. We are offering your school a range of Educational Gift Vouchers designed to help you to offset the cost of upgrading your current technology. Coupled with our Voucher Scheme for CityFibre, you could save up to £6,000!

Teleconnect Educational Gift Voucher

We believe effective communication across the whole school is key to maximising the outcomes for pupils.

At Teleconnect, we offer FREE technical assessments and FREE training for the lifetime of the system. For some impartial advice, a system demonstration at our in-house state-of-the-art demonstration suite or a free quote on what you could save with Teleconnect then why not get in touch and see how we could help you.

Telephone: 0113 217 2000
Fax to email: 0113 217 2050

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For over 30 years we have been providing voice and data solutions to organisations across the UK. From simple small telephone systems to multi-site, cloud-based networks, we apply the same level of project management and attention to detail.
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