The world of business is rapidly evolving. The evolution of the employee is defined by a number of features but keeping up with technology is the key to a successful digital workplace.

In fact, keeping up with technology can make all the difference between success and failure. If you don’t have the best technology, you risk falling behind your competitors.

Work as we know it is dead. The only way forward is to challenge convention around how we work, how we lead, and how we build our companies. Employees which were once thought of expendable cogs are the most valuable asset that any organisation has. However, the employee from a decade ago isn’t the same as the employee who we are starting to see today.

the evolution of the employee

Based on the evolution of the employee, here are the key things to evaluate.

Flexible Work

The first two items above along with ‘focusing on outputs’ comprise this idea of flexible work, that is working anytime, anywhere, and being evaluated not by how many hours you sit in a chair but by what you produce. There is no longer a need for most employees to work from an office or to work 9-5. The future employee will only work in this way.


Gone are the days of company-sanctioned telephone systems and computers. Instead, the future employee will be able to use any device they chose to get their jobs done.

Customised Work

When you start working for a new company usually you start off at the bottom. In other words you begin as a sales coordinator, then a sales manager, senior sales manager, sales director, and so on and so forth. You have to climb the ladder for a few years in the hopes that one day you will reach a position that you are happy with. However, with the freelancer economy, collaboration platforms, and new management approaches; employees are now starting to shape their own career paths and how they actually work.


Employees use to hoard information and keep it to themselves. There was no incentive or reason for employees to share what they know with others. Knowledge is power and if employees keep their ideas to themselves then they have the power. Employees were also not encouraged to share or think creatively, their job was merely to show up to work and perform their tasks. For the future employee, the exact opposite is true. Collaboration platforms such as unified communications and cloud are making it easy for employees to share information. Internally, email is also shifting from being the primary form of communication to being the secondary form of communication.


As employees were thought of as being expendable cogs which meant they had no voice within the organisation, collaboration technologies play a crucial role as they give any employee within an organisation the chance to be a leader by sharing their ideas and thoughts. Any employee that is able to build a following with the content they share internally is capable of being a leader; something which was not possible before especially not at the scale that collaboration platforms allow today. Think of how many people have become leaders as a result of social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, now employees can do the same inside of their companies.


Knowledge is now nothing more than a commodity. To be the world’s smartest person all you need to do is pull out your mobile phone. This means that for the future employee it’s not knowledge that is the most important but the employee’s ability to learn new things an apply those learnings to new situations and scenarios that come up. In other words, always being able to learn how to learn and stay adaptable. This is far more important and valuable than what you ‘know’.

Teachers And Students

In most businesses today if you want to learn something you have to sign up for and attend a class that may be a few days or a few weeks away. Today any employee can take out their phone and record a ‘how-to’ for anything ranging from how to use the iPECS LIP 9071 to how does SIP work. Simply being able to connect employees to each other provides a way for learning and teaching in ways that were never before possible.

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This concept and the visual for this article was taken from a book called The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization.

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