Sometimes there really isn’t much time to spare due to the array of day-to-day demands. With this in mind, we think that it is important for us to review potential problems you may have with your telephone systems and provide solutions.

Problem 1: We don’t have time to pick up calls during busy mornings.Solution: Voicemail

The morning can be the busiest time of the day. The voicemail allows people to call in and leave a message without having to speak to your staff during a hectic morning.

Problem 2: We need to answer calls out of hours.

Solution: Automated attendant

Instead of having a phone that rings unanswered after hours, an automatic operator can be used to give information to those calling in. The automated attendant solution is completely flexible to your requirements and can be initiated as and when you need it.

Problem 3: We’re not sure if we are prepared for an emergency situation.

Solution: Tannoy and paging messages

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen during work time, which may result in you needing a way to contact an individual or group of people really quickly. Tannoy and paging messages can be broadcast to the whole business, or to specific groups, via speakers on handsets.

Problem 4: We want to improve our communications functionality across the whole site, but need to meet tight budgets.

Solution: VoIP telephony and unified communications (UC)

VoIP (or voice over Internet protocol) eliminates the cost of supporting and maintaining separate networks by using your existing data network to support your telephone system. Extra functionality provided by VoIP and UC includes access to all types of messages including voicemail, email, chat and more – all in a single inbox – to promote staff productivity.

Problem 5: We can’t get hold of employees that are always on the move during working hours.

Solution: Mobility services

Remaining contactable is extremely important for particular members of a business. However, they may not be easy to get hold of when you need them as they could be moving between different areas. To ensure that individuals are easy to contact, we offer a range of solutions to enhance mobility. From mobile call transfers to integrated wireless solutions and cost-effective mobile devices, we make sure that your colleagues are always accessible.

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