Make it easy to manage your costs

and simplify business operations with a consolidated Calls and Lines package.

We know that customers get bombarded with a plethora of calls every day from companies offering cheap calls and lines but what’s behind the companies offering you these ‘too good to be true’ deals? Generally, not much. Teleconnect partner with all of the major network providers in the UK and we are a full BT Openreach partner, coupled with our 30 years industry experience. This means that not only can we provide your business with the most competitive rates for line rentals and call charges but, as importantly, we can deal with any faults or issues you may have quickly and efficiently.

Set your business FREE

with our SIP call bundles!

With the announcement from BT in 2017 that they were withdrawing support for their ISDN services over the next few years, more and more businesses are looking for technology companies to provide them with SIP connectivity to run their voice network on. SIP connectivity and call bundles can enable businesses to generate significant savings compared to their old legacy ISDN infrastructure. Teleconnect are one of the leading providers of SIP technology and call bundles.

We have SIP packages and call bundles to suit every business, every call profile and every budget. A fixed monthly cost for calls and lines can not only generate savings but will streamline overheads and make budgetary planning far simpler. Flexibility is another key factor when choosing our SIP service. Moving to SIP allows organisations to build in flexibility and be far more fluid with how they meet the challenges of day to day business.   

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