Cloud Telephony Creates A Better Customer Experience In The Estate Agent Industry

Estate Agency is a market that has not witnessed the penetration of technology the way some that other industries have. However, research shows that when it comes to real estate decisions, one of the first things that a potential buyer or renter does is to research the property (the builder, the locality, etc) online even before getting in touch with the agent or the developer.

This shift in the consumer’s mindset has led to almost every real estate business investing in an online presence. Typically, we’ve seen that this means a website that has basic information and maybe some digital ads.

After the basic research has happened, the renter or the buyer wants to talk to the real estate agency or the developer involved to understand more and to take the conversation forward. A phone call is usually the first point of contact for a potential lead.

This is a buyer’s (or a renter’s) market. With the number of options available, every missed opportunity to be available when a customer reaches out is a missed opportunity for the business. This being the typical buyer’s journey, here’s how Teleconnect Service can help an estate agents business use cloud telephony to improve the customer experience, therefore leading to a faster sale.

Prevent Lead Leakage

There are two potential ways in which a customer can get in touch with you:

Reach you via a listed phone number.

We’ve seen that this is one of the most preferred ways of getting in touch with a business. When someone tries to reach you, it is essential that their call always gets answered and they are able to speak to the right person.

To ensure that your customers get their calls answered in the shortest time possible, there are a few things you can do. This average response time is a very important factor that businesses measure. Using Teleconnect Service, you can devise your system in a way that allows all your agents to receive a call simultaneously. Calls can be routed to the respective agents depending on the query.

As much as calls play a vital role in unified communications, it is a mammoth task to keep tab of all the calls and its particulars. All the calls and lines via Teleconnect Service can be recorded and accessible on a dashboard for future references and also for training purposes.

Leave their contact information on your website.

There a few ways to keep your contact form interesting.

  • Click to call – Having a click to call option on the website can connect a prospective customer and your agent when they are right in the middle of their decision-making process. It is also a simple and effective way to ensure that it is easy for the customer to reach out to you when it matters the most.
  • Dynamic caller ID – One of the drawbacks of calling people back based on the information you collect on your website is that the majority of the calls go unanswered. Dynamic caller ID is a way for you to optimise the numbers that your teams call from to get the maximum pick-up rate.

Improve Customer Experience

Making life easy for the customer is how you can improve a customer’s experience with any company.

  • Personalised Customer Communication. – Integrating your business phone system with your CRM ensures that your customers receive highly relevant and personalised communication instead of a one size fits all approach. Communication can also be customised to suit the language that the customer is most comfortable with. For example, you can give customers the option to choose their language of communication and connect them to the right agents accordingly.
  • Distributed Call Centers – If you are a large real estate developer with projects all across the country, you can provide your customers a better experience by running a distributed call center that is spread across the country but is able to service customers of a region in the most effective manner possible. This is not just cost-efficient but also easy to manage.

Whether you’re a small real estate agency with a few agents or a large developer with projects all over the country, communication is the key to both understanding customer needs and creating a better customer experience overall.

Why Companies Are Unable To Achieve Efficiency with Traditional Communication Methods

  • Downtimes at an alarming regularity
  • Hardware and software integration takes a long time
  • Data security is a huge issue
  • Communication cannot be scaled along with the business growth
  • Set up times are high

These are just a few problems associated with on-premise telephone systems. When you compare a traditional PBX with a cloud-based PBX, cloud telephony emerges a clear winner.

The ease of setting up and affordability are the reasons for the success of cloud telephony. With everything becoming digital, gone are the days where real estate was just about face-to-face interaction with the brokers. It is time to embrace change.

Teleconnect Service Provide A Range Of Voice And Data Services For Estate Agents.

Teleconnect Service are dedicated to supplying, installing and supporting integrated networking products and telephone systems for today’s multi-media environments. As one of the first LG providers in the UK, over 30 years ago, our experience and technical expertise is second to none. We offer:

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Teleconnect Service Limited are dedicated to supplying, installing and supporting integrated networking products and telephone systems for today's multi-media environments. Why not get in touch and find out what you could save?