Communication technology is at the core of any successful hospitality business.

Back in the day, hotels, motels and other hospitality businesses occupied a fairly simple space in people’s lives, however, anyone who has spent time in the hospitality industry in the last several years knows that the role of technology in hospitality businesses has drastically evolved. In many cases, hotels are becoming hubs of technological activity making IT more important to hotel operations than ever before.

So what are some of the top communication technology trends in hospitality today?

1. Door Key Mobile Device

Say goodbye to carefully shaped piece of metal or electronic key cards. The hotel key will transform into data on a guest’s mobile device. Some hotels have already starting using implementing this, whether it involves NFC technology or visually scanning a code like many airports now do with plane tickets.

2. Service Automation

Many guests prefer technology over human interaction for simple tasks. Remote check-in and check-out options are becoming popular, and some hotels are beginning to work with apps that let guests order room service right from their mobile devices. There’s a whole range of services that can be automated with the right Unified Communications, which frees hotel staff up for other activities for enhancing the guest experience.

3. Mobile Convergence

Mobile devices have reduced the use of conventional room telephone systems, however, the room phone of the future may serve as a hub for a larger connected experience. Imagine a guest arrives at your hotel and pairs his mobile device to his room phone. Now he can use his mobile to control the TV and the sound system, perhaps even the blinds. He can use it to request a wake up call if he finds himself out late. You can let him know that his dry cleaning is ready, even if he’s across town at a meeting. This may sound like science fiction, but the technology in this scenario is already available or in development. Guests will be more connected than ever before.

4. Apps

Smartly designed guest applications combine everything from deal notifications to hotel services. Most major hotels have some element of this picture in play already, and they’re adding capabilities every day.

5. Bandwidth

Whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure, you can bet you’re going to hear about it if the internet connectivity is flagging. It’s a huge strain and one that many of the best hospitality brands are working on. Whatever your solution, rest assured, the demand for bandwidth at hotels is only going to grow.

6. Location-Based Services

Being able to understand where hotel staff and guests are located at any given time creates all kinds of opportunities to improve the guest experience. For example, it could help event staff operate more efficiently to turning over rooms more quickly. Some employee location-based features are already available using SIP-DECT.

7. Tech Lounges

Savvy hospitality businesses are transforming lobbies into stylish semi-public spaces where guests can get access to Wifi, charge points and other technologies. It’s a place to relax and get work done. Many guests even search for this criteria online, so hospitality businesses that lack them find themselves at a disadvantage.

8. SIP

Already popular in the hospitality space and other industries in Europe, SIP is a mobility-enabling alternative to VoWLAN and radio-based networks.

9. Tech-Enabled Meeting Spaces

Modern meetings run on technology. Business people need to make multimedia presentations and video conference remote attendees. Business customers are increasingly asking for advanced technology enablement in ballrooms and event halls, as well.

10. Social Listening

In a hospitality world where word of mouth and online reviews have more influence every day, it’s one of the reasons that more and more hotels have started investing in social listening tools. These tools allow hotels to find out about guests’ wants, needs, desires, complaints and more, and jump into the conversation if it makes sense. Some even let you keep an eye on the competition. The Internet is a treasure trove of business intelligence if you know how to look.

Teleconnect offer IP based hospitality solutions addressing the communication needs of hotels, motels, nursing homes, resorts and similar hospitality business.

Customer experience is the new battlefield! Delivering an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever before.

• 72% of businesses agreed that improving customer experience was top priority.
• 95% of customers are likely to share a bad experience.
• 87% of customers are likely to share a good experience.

It is more important than ever to keep your staff connected whether they are on or off hospitality grounds. This means your staff can deal with guests needs quickly. At the core of our hospitality solution is the iPECS call platforms, iPECS-CM, iPECS UCP and iPECS eMG series. They are highly flexible and can engage traditional SLT phones while combining new IP and soft phones for advanced features access. As new services to reduce cost and improve productivity are needed, they can easily integrate into the iPECS call platforms with IP based applications.

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