We buy smart so you save money.

Through our energy management partner, Blizzard Utilities, we currently buy and manage over £100 million of annual Gas and Electricity expenditure for our clients, with a range of small single-site businesses, to large energy consumers including International Airports, NHS Hospitals, manufacturers and multi-site operators in the hospitality and retail sectors. 

Through continued contact with the energy markets and all major UK suppliers, We buy energy for our clients when market conditions are favourable to ensure the best prices.  This activity is often performed months in advance of contract end dates and takes into consideration current and future market conditions, resulting in savings of up to 40% for our clients.

Getting the best energy quote is more than simply checking prices on the internet.  For example, not all suppliers publish business prices and many of the best tariffs are not available online. Teleconnect and Blizzard will get prices and tariffs from all the major UK suppliers to secure the best deal for your business, which also takes into consideration the way the market is moving.

Are you moving premises?

Did you know that your existing contract will automatically end when you leave your old premises? But did you also know that you will be supplied on “out of contract” rates at your new premises until you sign a new supply contract. These rates can be up to three times as expensive as contracted prices! Don’t get caught out! Teleconnect can manage the process for you and make sure you get the best deal for your energy.