Teleconnect offer an unparalleled level of Fraud Detection & Fraud Prevention.

Telephone fraud (also known as phreaking) is the action of hacking into telecommunications systems to obtain free calls. It’s a serious business but many are unaware just how vulnerable their systems could be to fraudsters. 99% of PABX’s will be connected to the Web via a router for purposes such as remote maintenance. If ports on the router are open hackers will get in. If the password on the PABX is the default password, hackers will be in within seconds and they then have control of the PABX and the ability to route calls to anywhere in the world via ISDN, PSTN and SIP.

No one is immune to fraud and fraud remains a significant problem for the telecoms industry. Dealing with fraud has never been straightforward and the focus must be on prevention and to ensure the available controls are in place. Teleconnect ABBA, an Advanced Behaviour Based Analysis (ABBA) application offers an enhanced approach to keep fraud at a minimum. Included in the price of a SIP Trunk are two of the best methods in operation in the market today.

Teleconnect ABBA is a standard feature of our service and is a proven, significant preventative control measure.

Why Teleconnect ABBA:

  • Unparalleled level of fraud protection.
  • Rapid detection of fraudulent activity.
  • Free standard service.
  • Significant savings in lost revenue.
  • Proven and reliable detection.
Teleconnect Fraud Prevention ABBA Leeds

Teleconnect Advanced Based Behavioural Analysis (ABBA)

Fraud Detection

Vital for any business with call traffic due to the risk of fraudulent activity within the industry. We check to see if you’re secure. We identify the IP address of the end users device. We check if the IP address is changing regularly and what country it resides in. Using this IP address we scan ports for publicly open and vulnerable services.

Fraud Alerting

Be notified if the call spend levels you've set are breached and fraud is suspected. Our portal enables users to set a daily limit for your company or end-user so that when the set limit for the call spend is exceeded an email notification is automatically generated and sent.

Fraud Suspension

We also provide an additional level of security to protect you and your customers. On top of the level set by fraud alerting, should the fraud suspension limit be breached then the account will be suspended. We have provided peace of mind that should you be the target of fraud your account will warn you and automatically be suspended.

Threat Detection

Every time your PBX registers, we scan your system for threats. We are trying to find security threats before hackers do. Coupling threat and fraud detection provides an outstanding level of comfort. We pick up on the hacker's initial tests and catches fraud before it starts. We monitor call setup requests in real time - we don't need to wait for the CDR's of successful calls to be written to detect fraud.

Analysis IP & Call Profiling

ABBA keeps track of every call made by every account and are compared with patterns that we have identified to be common in fraud. Patterns include call destinations, number of calls, number of call attempts, call length and geographic location of the registered IP address. A standard feature of our service - make sure you’re free from fraudulent activity.

Self Policing

Via our portal you have the opportunity to set self-policing elements to minimise fraud for your customers. We track all changes made to the fraud alerting and fraud suspension settings identifying when a change has been made and the email address of the person who made the change.

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