ARE YOU READY FOR GDPR? – Teleconnect Service

ARE YOU READY FOR GDPR? – Teleconnect Service

Are you ready for GDPR?

Protecting sensitive data is imperative for the protection of your customers and staff. In May 2018, a European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect and can apply to your business no matter where you are located. We’re committed to helping you efficiently prepare for the GDPR. Teleconnect offers a comprehensive set of data discovery and data mapping tools to help you pinpoint where your data is located, track its movement across business processes, and find, identify and mitigate data layer security and access risks.


Reaching GDPR compliance is not merely a compliance process, but a real opportunity for all organisations to enhance the trust of consumers in digital services, and take significant steps towards better-protecting staff, business, and personal data. Cloud-based applications make your life more convenient. However, they could create risks for your data. Under the GDPR, you as a data controller are responsible for protecting all personal data you manage throughout its processing lifecycle. With encryption, syncing & sharing your data conveniently in the cloud while being compliant with the new law is easy.

People from small organisations should dial the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 and select option 4 to be diverted to staff who can offer support. As well as advice on preparing for the GDPR, callers can also ask questions about current data protection rules and other legislation regulated by the ICO including electronic marketing and Freedom of Information.

  2. WHO WILL ENFORCE IT IN THE UK? The Information Commissioner’s Office.
  3. WHAT’S NEW? There are new rights for people to access the information companies hold about them, obligations for better data management for businesses, and a new regime of fines.
  4. DOES BREXIT MATTER? The UK is implementing a new Data Protection Bill which largely includes all the provisions of the GDPR. There are some small changes but our own law will be largely the same.

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