Halloween is a great, fun time to really interact with your customers!

Marketers are always going on about ‘humanising the brand’, so why not take this golden opportunity to do it with fun? Of course, you will need to be strategic in your offerings and consider what type of audience you have. However you decide to do it, put some real effort into it by sending campaigns to your email subscribers, social followers, press releases and even old-school paper flyers. So what are the best ways to use Halloween for marketing purposes? Let’s check out some amazing Halloween Marketing Methods to get the word out about your business:

Make Themed Food And Drinks

This one is a no-brainer. If you have a little bakery, coffee shop or anything that sells food and drinks, this is a golden chance! Add in fall flavors (pumpkin spice anyone?) with a little jack o’lantern or ghost theme, or just an orange and black scheme, and voila! You have your Halloween marketing going on. Of course, be careful not to cross the line from scary/funny to disgusting.

Dress Up Your Business

Don’t be boring. Decorate your business with cobwebs and pumpkins. It’s great that Halloween has such a strong crossover with autumn, so you can use it even after the day’s over by removing the scare elements.

Team Up For Halloween

Why don’t you and your building or neighbors put your heads, wallets, and marketing together? Host a whole day of Halloween events shared among you and your neighboring stores. Your area may already have something like this going on, but if not, that shouldn’t stop you.

Create A Video/Song

You can create a great video or song, or music video, to show off your cheesy side. And the best part—the less professional the video looks, the more charming it can be. Blair Witch-style music video? A creepy origin story of your company? The ideas are endless, but please don’t make it too markety. Your goal should be fun and building your brand.

Interact With Customers Celebrating Halloween

You don’t even have to do much at your physical store or office. On Halloween, just go ahead and interact with your followers. If you see they’ve dressed up, or are in the Halloween mood, send them a tweet or post a light message. Retweet their awesome or scary costumes. Share your own. Give some tips and hints. Tell them a cheesy Halloween joke. However you feel most comfortable. In the countdown to Halloween, we presented the best telecoms inspired Halloween costumes.

Teleconnect Halloween Costumes

Teleconnect Halloween Costumes

Teleconnect Halloween Costumes

Teleconnect Halloween Costumes

Teleconnect Halloween Costumes


Hand Out Sweets

What’s the point of Halloween without sweets? You can start giving away sweeties, no matter what your business is. Do it as a package, throw in your business card or for extra points, print off your own candy bags with your company logo.

Use Hashtags

When you have a lighthearted holiday like Halloween, go ahead and get creative with the puns. Send out some great #horrorscopes in the morning. Advertise your awesome #boo-tique. Your irresistible but deadly #sandwitch. Cheesy, yes, but everyone loves cheese.

Host Events/Parties

Halloween’s the time when people really like to spend the night out. Take advantage of this occasion and host an event or party.

Use Emoticons

Don’t limit Halloween to Twitter. Get on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, even LinkedIn and start using scary-moticons. There are lots now available for all social media, but you can also use it in your emails, newsletters and blog. For extra points, change your site’s homepage or even your logo to incorporate some Halloween elements.

Give Halloween Deals

This is possibly the most markety thing you can do, but it works! Combined with other items from this list, Halloween sales & giveaways can be great for getting new customers. Be be careful with any number referencing 666 (such as a 66.6% discount), as this can be potentially sensitive for many religious customers. Teleconnect Service currently have some great Halloween deals on.

Teleconnect Halloween Offer Telecoms Leeds

Dress Up

If you have a store or an office, get your employees to dress up. It can be as silly as a pirate costume made from trash bags or as elaborate as you’d like, but just get them involved. Even have a best costume competition that your customers can vote on in secret. With a spooky ballot box, and they get a discount if they vote! The good ideas just keep on rolling!

Create Themed Products

If you sell crafts or do designs, it will be easy to incorporate some Halloween elements into those. You can even offer discounts on products you already have, such as skull-and-bone belt buckles. Even better, add some new products with a Halloween theme and offer it as a package.

Record A Spooky Voicemail Message

Halloween must be incorporated into all of your Unified Communications. Try leaving a spooky voice mail message on your telephone system for all of your customers.


Honestly, the ideas for Halloween marketing are nearly limitless, and it only depends on how far you’re willing to go for the occasion. Although it’s a relatively small event in most businesses’ minds, it’s still a great occasion to have fun with your existing customers and in turn get new customers. Happy haunting!

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