A Pure IP communications platform for large enterprises.

iPECS-CM is an All-IP communications platform for medium and large enterprises. It provides IP telephony, various multimedia, UC applications, and mobility services over IP environment. Its innovative design enables organisations to enjoy the most reliable, flexible and secured communications. In addition, iPECS-CM’s IP architecture allows an easy monitoring and managing remote platforms through web management system and SNMP based network management system. iPECS-CM employs a distributed architecture across an IP Network to communicate transparently without geographic limitations. It makes all users even at branch offices to use the same features that delivered by the central call server. Also, it enables you to deploy a flexible network and configuration to fit any business needs.

If you are considering deploying a UC solution, iPECS-CM will be the best platform for you.

Maximised Scalability

Unlimited scalability by networking multiple servers. Support Max 30,000 users with 255 local survival branches; S2K/S4K/S10K/S30K. Support Max 254 tenants. iPECS UCP call servers can be used as a local call server.

Beyond Investment Protection

Keep using iPECS UCP gateway module, common applications and end points. Support wide range of desktop phones from existing analog phones to highend IP phones; Video, IP/SIP, Wi-Fi, digital/analog phone, soft phone, mobile phone client, etc.

Flexible Network Architecture

Support flexible and simple network design on All-IP based modular architecture. Local survivability with a range of local call servers. Geographic redundancy for maximising service availability. Multiple redundancy options including Call Server/LAN/Control/Power unit.

Enterprise FMC

Support advanced Mobile Extension set on iPECS-CM and iPECS UCS mobile client. Improve work efficiency and reduce communication cost.