Optimise your business communications​ with iPECS UCS from Teleconnect. In your organisation, you need to constantly improve business productivity. iPECS UCP is the core platform, and iPECS UCS is the application that provides Unified Communications through linkage with iPECS UCP. iPECS UCS gives your organisation scalability and for an enterprise customer, iPECS UCS can be expanded seamlessly to meet your needs.

Every business has different communications needs and iPECS is designed to be tailored to your specific market sector and organisation. Teleconnect offers various applications to help you build a unified communications strategy that meets the needs of every part of your business.

Plug & Play Install

Whether you’re adding a new employee, moving phones, dispatching a road warrior or deploying a new branch office, iPECS UCS always makes it simple to do. With a simple, straight-forward configuration along with plug and play installation, IT managers appreciate the ability to locate where iPECS solutions are needed without clumsy and difficult configuration limits.

Managers can monitor and manage up to 500 Call Servers from a single remote point and have full access to the database and maintenance features of each system from anywhere. Thanks to the modular hardware and software structure, you can simply add license to increase the capacity or coverage of service for your business is growing.

iPECS UCS is tailored to the needs of your users.​


“iPECS helps me run my business, provide the service my customers need and control my costs. Every member of the team gets the communications tools they need to do a great job.”


“Travelling abroad used to mean lots of expensive calls to the office and restricting calls home to my family but with iPECS UC technology on my smartphone and laptop I can easily call at local rates wherever I am in the world.”


“I can take my office phone extension with me wherever I am as my smartphone is integrated into the system meaning my customers can easily reach me anytime and colleagues can see when I am available.”


”I can support my customers better as they know what’s happening if they ever have to queue. There’s a simple announcement telling them where they are in the queue and the call is quickly delivered to the right person in the team.”


“The wallboard tells me and the team when we all need to grab the phones and simple reports help me stay on top of costs and response times.”


“My mobile DECT handset means wherever I am everyone can still easily reach me.”


“I can quickly see what everyone is doing and transfer calls with a single button or mouse click. It’s never been easier.”


“With a simple and intuitive web interface I can make changes myself and complete handset moves efficiently and easily.”


“I use my phone just the same at home as if I was in the office. Being able to see the status (“presence”) of my colleagues and instant message quick questions makes me feel just like I am sitting next to my team.”

iPECS Case Study: Hydro Hotel

The iPECS solution has enabled the Hotel staff to work more efficiently and communicate better, which in turn has led to better and faster guest service. The General Manager can now operate the Hydro Hotel and its sister hotel using the UCS mobile application on his smartphone, reducing the need for unnecessary travel and expensive call charges.

“The ability to pull off simple reports has really helped the Management team to get a much clearer overall picture of how the business is doing and see where improvements can be made.”
Ian Catterill, General Manager
Hydro Hotel

The Hydro Hotel in Cumbria offers over 80 bedrooms, leisure facilities and a conference centre catering to 200 delegates. The hotel employs over 50 members of staff and is part of a chain of three sister hotels. The Hydro Hotel was going through the process of major refurbishment and was looking for a new communications solution that could overhaul their everyday processes, including: 

  • Improving efficiency – with their existing system, the simplest tasks were taking far too long to complete.
  • Making it quicker and easier for staff to communicate and collaborate internally.
  • The ability to record calls or see where calls had been missed and where business was being lost.

A solution based around the iPECS UCP600 system was installed at the Hotel, including:

  • 86 extensions in bedrooms and 6 conference rooms.
  • 8 IP phones around the hotel for staff to be contacted at designated communication points.
  • 10 WiFi handsets to give night porters roaming access to communications.
  • UCS mobile app.
  • iCall Suite.
  • Call Recording.
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