Are your telecoms ready for Christmas and the New Year?

December brings a busy time to any office, whether it’s organising the staff Christmas Party, covering for staff, or simply getting ready for the New Year. At Teleconnect Service we want your festive period to run as smoothly as possible and make sure you have your telecoms organised in good time for Christmas!

One of the main balancing acts over the festive break is ensuring that as many staff as possible can have time off to enjoy Christmas and New Year with their families, whilst still maintaining customer service.

  • Do you need to update your voicemail? An out of date voicemail greeting will leave a poor impression of your business and in most cases stop people leaving a message. Make sure your voicemail greeting is current and suitable for your business.
  • Do you know how to divert your calls? Make use of the call divert function. Your phone system has the functionality to forward your incoming calls to any number, whether that’s a mobile phone or another landline. Make sure you never have to miss a call over the festive period.
  • Have you thought about informing your customers of your opening hours? During the festive season, many businesses operate at different times during the holiday. Make sure your customers are aware of your opening hours so you do not encounter any unnecessary problems. On Hold Messaging is the best and easiest way of providing this information. If you need it, we can deliver an expertly produced advert designed for your business using our professional voiceover artists. Every time a call comes into your business your message will be played – A simple and effective way to communicate your opening hours.
  • Are you planning to move office before Christmas? Many businesses choose to move office towards the end of the year to steer clear of peak periods. A site move takes a lot of planning, not only to minimise disruption to your business but to make the transition as seamless as possible. However, one of the things often overlooked are the telephone systems, which can be time-consuming to move. For example, did you know that suppliers such as BT require an eight week lead time to move premises? If you are thinking about moving offices over the festive period, we need to know urgently so that we can plan your move effectively.

Are you taking time off work for the holidays? Are you worried you might miss a business call?

  • Could you pay another company to answer all your calls? Thus giving your team a well-deserved break. But, does it create the right impression for your company? Are they offering a very personalised service that adds value to your company? Can they answer some of the questions posed – if not, how does that actually help? Someone will still have to contact the customer.
  • Does your supplier offer limited support over the Christmas period? If you are keeping the office open with reduced numbers of staff and there is a problem with the phones or internet connectivity, do the staff know who the suppliers are and do they have the relevant contact details for them? Best to check in advance.
  • Do you have a contingency plan? What if you run a pub or shop open on Boxing Day and the broadband fails? It might be worth investing in a 4G router and sim card just in case. Imagine not being able to take card payments on such a busy day.
  • What happens when something dramatically changes the volume of calls you are expecting? For example, a home insurance company whose customers suddenly get caught out by unexpected floods. One option is to use unified communications technology so staff can work from home over the entire Christmas period, or can step in and work from home should call volumes rise unexpectedly. Modern phones systems and VoIP solutions usually support apps so that staff can have their office extension on their mobiles. The advantage is that there is no cost of diverting calls and people can activate it as required.

After Christmas is over, what are the new year telecoms resolutions for your business?

  • Is the telecoms solution you are using inhibiting the productivity of your staff? Does it allow for expansion or flexible working? Can people reach you when and how they need to? Is your system robust?
  • Are you using the right phone numbers to promote your business? Do you only have a mobile number, and no landline? Do you use expensive premium rate numbers?
  • When did you last check the costs you are paying for telecoms? 80% of organisations have not checked their bills in the last two years. With wholesale costs falling – many are significantly overpaying.

By thinking about your telecoms and making a few plans, before everyone leaves for mulled wine and mince pies, can really help to give you and your staff a stress-free festive season.

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Give your business the perfect Christmas present with Unified Communications from Teleconnect. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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