MOTHER’S DAY – Teleconnect Service

MOTHER’S DAY – Teleconnect Service

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Mother’s Day Is Almost Upon Us

Many of us will take a moment on Mother’s Day to let the special women in our lives know just how much they mean to us. This appreciation will likely come in the form of gifts or flowers, while others will simply send a card or make a phone call. But imagine how much more it would mean to that special lady who may not be able to spend the day with you in person to connect with you over video and see your smiling face.

This is the day where mothers from around the country get their much due recognition. It is a day where putting a personal touch on your communication is not only appreciated but deserved.

Forget a greeting card or phone call. It’s time to add a more personal element to Mother’s Day, and that’s exactly what solutions from Teleconnect, such as the iPECS LIP 9071 Video Telephone System, does.

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