Why has GIS revolutionised Telecommunications engineering and how can Fibre navigate the future of your business?

With many companies, there comes a time when expansion and growth fill the horizon. Yet, with so many complex decisions to make while considering expansion, companies are relying on GIS data and fiber optic maps to make their decisions easier.

When Bell invented the telephone in 1876, it took almost 50 years for the mechanical switch to be invented. Then it took another 50 before the Internet was created. Then another 30 before fiber became a distribution medium.  In essence, the voice-communication system has grown more in the past 20 years than it had in the previous 120 combined.  This is an incredible feat, and one can only imagine what the next 20 years will bring.

Fiber optic mapping and GIS have served as the backbone for business expansion and growth for decades. The technologies ability to configure a locations connectivity is instrumental to a company’s production levels at each business site.  There are many factors that influence the choice of a new business location, and user experience is consistently at the forefront.

Aerial maps were hard to come by back in the day. They were typically outdated and of poor quality. GIS mapping became a great asset to save time and information.  Companies like Microsoft, Google and BT brought a new view of the world to the masses that was previously unavailable to the general public. Being able to look at a whole area and get an idea of existing structures and terrain means that the time it takes companies to get to market is reduced substantially. This has been a natural progression for all the aspects of engineering and telecommunications.

When creating a consumer experience, strong internet connectivity is crucial to raise the online statistics for one’s brand. The ability to maintain strong internet or cloud connectivity through fiber optic cables has slowly migrated to the forefront of every businesses checklist in terms of searching for a new location. This goes for all business sectors such as Education, Hospitality, and Healthcare.

We here at Teleconnect Service have shifted culturally. We’ve found ways to provide quality engineering and connectivity solutions. Now we can even offer Gigabit connections right across your city using the CityFibre Network. We’re trying to help companies build and maintain the infrastructure that not only defines their business, but also sustains it for years to come. And we do all this with competitive rates, fast deliverables, and continued on-going support.

At Teleconnect, we offer FREE technical assessments and offer a full maintenance service with our very own fully qualified engineers. For some impartial advice, a system demonstration at our in-house state-of-the-art demonstration suite or a free quote on what you could save with Teleconnect then why not get in touch and see how we could help you.

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