SANTA’S TELECOM TIPS – Teleconnect Service

SANTA’S TELECOM TIPS – Teleconnect Service

Ho! Ho! Ho! We have an important announcement from Santa this year, for it is the season to be jolly!

If you are looking for some useful tips on how to optimise your telecoms this Christmas then you have reached the correct Grotto. Before you tuck into Mince Pies and Mulled Wine, here are some of Santa’s telecom tips so you can get the most out of your telecoms over the festive period.

Christmas Message

Santa receives a large volume of phone calls at his home in the North Pole every year. He has millions of toys to produce and source in time for Christmas Eve and a lot of organising to do to get things done in time for the big day.

Last year Santa decided to contact Teleconnect Service to inquire about getting a festive telephone system with applications and professional telecom audio so his calls could be directed through to the relevant workshops. This has speeded up efficiency and streamlined his processes helping him to put even more smiles on even more children’s faces.

The Unified Communications that Santa has in the North Pole could work for UK businesses who are trying to highlight any seasonal offerings or Christmas Marketing campaigns your business might be promoting.

Christmas Call Plan

During the Christmas period Santa does a lot of traveling and tends to be in and out of lap land on a frequent basis so sometimes he has to make changes to the way incoming calls are being handled.

Teleconnect Service are extremely efficient and always available to make changes on Santas behalf in a timeframe that meets his expectations. Santa is a big fan of our Call Bundles.

This could be extremely useful for your business should you wish to change your opening and closed days/times in preparation for Christmas.

Diverting Calls

Santa will be diverting all incoming calls to his mobile this Christmas eve just like he did last year, we have scheduled this in advance as per Santas request.

Maybe some of your work colleagues need to be on the move more than usual this Christmas and require calls to be routed to their mobile phones?

Is your business experiencing or due to experience high call volumes over the festive period? If so, Teleconnect Service can help you to divert some calls to different departments during busy times.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Santa is used to working in winter weather conditions but snow can be troublesome.

Having a Disaster Recovery Call plan that is uploaded onto your inbound phone numbers helps to ensure that you are operational and delivering a professional response regardless of the circumstances.

If your team is struggling to get into work because of heavy snow then calls can be routed to alternate destinations such as home phone numbers instead of the office phone numbers.

Is it time to upgrade?

  • Is the telecom solution you are using inhibiting the productivity of your staff? Does it allow for expansion or flexible working? Can people reach you when and how they need to? Is your system robust?
  • Are you using the right phone numbers to promote your business? Do you only have a mobile number, and no landline? Do you use expensive premium-rate numbers?
  • When did you last check the costs you are paying for telecoms? 80% of organisations have not checked their bills in the last two years. With wholesale costs falling – many are significantly overpaying.

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Why should you choose to work with us?

As one of the first LG providers in the UK, over 30 years ago, our experience and technical expertise is second to none. We offer:

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