TELECOM ROOM CLEANUP – Teleconnect Service

TELECOM ROOM CLEANUP – Teleconnect Service

Does your telecom room give you nightmares?

It happens every day: Someone needs to unhook a cable and reroute something in your telecom room or data center, and when they put things back, the cables are a little messier and a bit out of order compared to before.

No big deal, right? Well, unfortunately, after a few years of this happening every day, your once-neat cabling network is in disarray with random cables sticking out and dangling all over the place.

Now, your in-house staff can’t touch anything without fear of disconnecting something critical, and the patched-in cables just keep getting messier and more confusing with each passing day. This can make changes to your system cumbersome, to say the least. Worse yet, the mess of randomly-patched cables can negatively impact the performance, functionality, and overall stability of your system (or even create fire hazards).

When a telecom room starts to look disorganised or has already morphed into a severe mess, it may be time for a cleanup.

Why should you invest in a telecom room cleanup or, in some cases, a complete overhaul?

• To Maintain Efficiency: The more disorganised the telecom cables are, the harder it is to make changes, troubleshoot problems, and upgrade equipment. If patch cables are a tangled mess and hanging in front of equipment, then accessing the equipment is much more difficult when something needs to be added or repaired.

• To Improve Network Performance: The messier the data cables are, the more likely it is that equipment connections can become loose, disconnected or damaged when performing routine maintenance. It is also likely that some of the cables and connections are of poor quality, which can contribute to network outages or decreased performance. A dangling mess of cables in front of equipment can also impede the circulation of air and cause switches, servers, or other active equipment to work harder and potentially overheat. For industries such as healthcare, these outages could pose a more serious threat and have a significant impact on the people those organisations serve.

• To Reduce The Risk Of A Fire: The “daisy-chaining” of extension cords and power strips can easily overload an electrical outlet, which in extreme cases could cause electrical sparking or overheating that may ignite a fire.

• To Maintain A Professional Appearance: Appearances matter to employees, customers, and visitors. A clean, tidy, and organised space provides a positive impression at every level. A clean work area is one that employees can be proud of and be more inclined to take extra care to keep neat and organised. Although most clients, visitors and even employees may not see or be exposed to the telecom room, the same principles apply. A messy and disorganised telecom room can be misunderstood as being a reflection of the entire organisation and could impact the organisation’s ability to recruit or retain qualified IT personnel.

Long story short, it’s time for some telecom room cleanup.

Teleconnect Service will help you clear your network cabling clutter. We start with an initial free assessment of your existing telecom/IT equipment so we can identify potential solutions to your specific situation. The primary goal of the assessment is to provide you with some alternative structured cabling solutions to clear the clutter and implement a plan to make your network infrastructure more functional and organised, not to mention easier to manage and upgrade moving forward.

We’ll pull the mess out of your telecom room so you (and your IT team members) don’t pull out your hair having to deal with it!

Teleconnect are a Connectix approved supplier.

Connectix is a British based manufacturer and distributor of copper cabling systems, fibre optic connectivity and racks and enclosures for IT support systems used in LANs, Data Centers, fibre metropolitan networks, harsh environment applications, broadcasting and residential, smart home and FTTx/telecom applications.

Teleconnect have been an approved Installer of Connectix Cabling Systems for over ten years. We install Cat5e/6/7 cabling as well as other fibre and line services. We comprehensively test every installation we do and as such, and all of our new cabling installations come with a 25 year performance warranty. We can manage your entire cabling requirements with our own, highly skilled engineers. Providing project management, all the hardware including cable, wall plates, trunking, Data cabs, and patch panels/leads.

Why should you choose to work with us?

• Free no-obligation consultancy.
• Free training for the lifetime of your telephone system.
Free quotes and technical assessments.
• The best technology at competitive prices.
• Fully qualified engineers to help you with all your installations, repairs and maintenance.
• As one of the first LG providers in the UK, over 30 years ago, our experience and technical expertise is second to none.

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