TELECOM TRENDS FOR 2019 – Teleconnect Service

TELECOM TRENDS FOR 2019 – Teleconnect Service

2018 was an important and transformational year for telecommunications, but how is it looking in 2019?

Consumer-driven data consumption, fuelled by the mobile and broadband services, have soared and put unprecedented pressures on networks.

Thanks to the introduction of GDPR, it has been a year of stronger encryption practices as organisations became increasingly concerned about privacy and the safety of their data infrastructure. This has lead to a rise in fraud prevention methods.

The industry has made great strides in 5G development, with BT planning to have commercial 5G products launching in the UK within the next 18 months, while Deutsche Telekom has just activated a 5G New Radio (NR) Cluster in downtown Berlin, where it will use the test bed to see how next-generation networks perform in real-life situations, latching onto the DevOps movement as service providers begin to future-proof their networks for the years ahead.

In 2019 expect to see many trends continue to gain momentum and steer this industry in new directions for all business sectors. Specifically, here are three trends that we believe will shape the next 12 months.

Media Consumption

2019 is set to be another pivotal year fuelled by video streaming and public demand for more non-linear media consumption though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, with any boost in consumption, further financial and infrastructure pressure will be placed on network operators.

With 5G on the horizon, 2019 is likely to see further efforts from service providers to partner with and become primary OTT solution providers in their own right in order to bolster revenues, offset downward price pressures on last-mile connectivity and build customer loyalty.


The race for 5G is on. 5G architecture is developing and many are initiating field tests this year. Across the industry, expect to see 1GB access move to 10GB and 10GB aggregation to 100GB in order to cope with 4G growth and to lay the groundwork for new 5G-bearing core networks.

There will also be increased interest in 5G research and development emerging from other industries, including in energy, agribusiness and transportation, who all see the vast potential 5G technology has to revolutionise the way they can deliver their goods and services. Fuelled by consumer and business demand, carriers and governments alike are pushing the deployment forward with the ambitious goal of rolling out 5G networks more widely by 2020.


It felt like not a week went by in 2018 when there wasn’t news of a data breach or a network being compromised. According to the report from EfficientIP in November, 43% of organisations suffered from DNS-based malware over the previous 12 months. It was also highlighted that 81% took three days or more to apply a critical security patch after notification. Stats like this has made network operators realise that they need to protect more than just the data being transferred over their systems.

As networks and Unified Communications become increasingly software-defined their infrastructure is as vulnerable to attacks as the bits and bytes sent through the network. For this reason, 2018 saw more and more network operators role out business-wide encryption. In 2019, holistic network security will become more important than ever and expect to see encryption transition from a niche play to a more pervasive technology.

New EU legislation such as the GDPR has been a significant driver behind broader adoption of encryption across networks. Service providers will continue to realign and consolidate their offerings to maximise revenue and ensure their networks are ready to accommodate future technological advancements and telephone systems.

Whether it’s Digital, IP or Cloud technology, we can offer sound practical advice as well as ground breaking ideas.

Teleconnect Service are dedicated to supplying, installing and supporting integrated networking products and telephone systems for today’s multi-media environments and emerging technologies. Whether it’s Digital, IP or Cloud technology, we can offer sound practical advice as well as ground breaking ideas.

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Teleconnect Service Limited are dedicated to supplying, installing and supporting integrated networking products and telephone systems for today's multi-media environments. Why not get in touch and find out what you could save?