Is your business still using traditional telephone systems?

The telephone is an essential part of the unified communications toolkit in any business; it’s been used for over a century for good reason. But in today’s business world, the costs of traditional phone systems can drag down your company. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alternative? Well, there is. If you haven’t heard of VoIP, it’s time to learn about the next step in the evolution of the phone. And there are a number of advantages that make it essential for many businesses in today’s modern world.

Here is how VoIP from Teleconnect Service can help your business.


How It Helps Business


Teleconnect Phone System


Twin your mobile with your desk phone to answer and make calls via your phone system with our app. This allows you to be “in the office” even when you’re not.


Full Online

You can control every single element of your phone system and how it works through a simple to use online portal. This allows YOU to make the changes you need as you need them.


Custom Audio Messages

You can upload and change caller greeting messages, voicemails, hold music, comfort and promotional messages, voicemail and more in real-time.NOYES

No Installation or Setup Needed

Our phone system is live out the box. No installation needed, no engineer visits and no hassle. That means you benefit without expense, effort or disruption.NOYES

No Setup or Install Charges

With handsets included with no additional charge, no setup or install costs your business can get an award-winning “big business” phone system for “SOHO” prices.NOYES

Gain The Professional, Competitive Edge

Branded caller welcome messages promote the feel of a successful, established business to callers. Gain that edge over your competitors.NOYES

Work From Anywhere, Anytime

With “phone system in your pocket” and the ability to connect a desk phone anywhere with an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world as if you are in the office.NOYES

Unlimited HD Phone Calls

Your router transforms your calls to HD voice quality. Better still your UK landline & mobile calls are free of charge and totally unlimited.NOYES

Add Extra
Lines In

If your business needs change, then your phone system changes with it in minutes. Add more lines in moments and just connect your extra handsets.NOYES

Register Multiple
Devices To Each Line

Connect multiple devices to each of your phone lines allowing you to have a desk phone, walkabout phone, and mobile app all on one line. No matter how you want to work and communicate, you can do it in moments.NOYES

Time-based Incoming Call Rules

Easily setup time-of-day based rules to divert incoming calls to your mobile, voicemail, out of hours messages and more. No matter how you want to operate, you can set this up in a matter of moments.NOYES

A Number That Follows You All Over The World

No matter where your business moves from or to, your phone number can be ported to our award-winning network and follow you anywhere in the world.NOYES

Mobile Disaster Recovery Service

If your local internet connection fails, you can carry on receiving and making business calls via your mobile app on your 3G or 4G connection. There’s no reason to stop working (unless you want to).NOYES

Total Disaster Recovery

No internet and no mobile data connection? Incoming calls automatically route to up to 20 different landline or mobile numbers in a hunt group or ring all. You’ll get text message notifications letting you know when your diverts are automatically placed on and taken off.NOYES

Premium Select Services as Standard

Caller ID | Caller ID Presentation | Music on Hold | Call Diversion on Demand | Follow Me Diversion | Call Pick Up | Internal & External Call Transfer | Do Not Disturb | Voicemail 2 Email | Hunt Groups | 100% Call Recording.NOYES

Works of Any Broadband Connection or Router

Whether your broadband is fast or slow, you can harness the power of VoIP. With Quality of Service & VoIP approved broadband, internet speeds won’t stop the show.NOYES

Hardware Included

Brand new Ericsson-LG iPECS handsets worth £175 each are included. This keeps all your costs to a minimum.NOYES

Presence &

You can monitor the status of other users to see if they are on the phone or available to take a call in real-time. With ACD included you can see real-time reports for how many calls you have made and received, plus if anyone is waiting to speak to you.NOYES

International Calls

You can call long distance landline & mobile with perfect call quality from under 1p per minute through our award-winning carrier-grade network.NOYES


Our awarding-winning VoIP telephone systems arrive fully configured and just needs connecting to the internet and power point. Once done it’s live and ready to start making and receiving calls. We can port your phone numbers with zero downtime. Don’t worry if you don’t have internet cables available where you want desk phones to go. We have a wide range of easy, very low-cost telecoms services to ensure that the phone you want is set up how you want, and where you want.

We offer free training for the lifetime of any new system as well as simple user guides. The main telephone system applications such as call pickup, transfer, divert and hold take a matter of minutes to understand and start taking advantage of. With no complicated steps and your phone system configured exactly how you want it before it even arrives, you’ll be able to quickly navigate our online portal to make instant changes to reflect your businesses requirements.

The need to compete with the market is now more important than ever. That initial call from a new prospective customer can make them decide whether they will want to use your services. For existing customers, being able to speak to you quickly is vital. Our phone systems have professional welcome messages and intelligent call routing to put you ahead of your competition.

For some impartial advice, a system demonstration at our in-house state-of-the-art demonstration suite or a free quote on what you could save with Teleconnect then why not get in touch and see how we could help you.

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