As many are currently finding out, a fast and reliable connectivity solution is essential, especially in times like this.

With the current crisis unfolding around COVID-19, the rising number of remote workers is putting a large amount of pressure on internet performance. This can harm businesses as voice/conference calls become very unreliable. If you are looking to renew or upgrade your connectivity, then it is imperative you know the difference between Leased Lines and standard internet connectivity.

Are you a business that is making the transition to Cloud Telephony or looking for more flexible working options for your staff? If so, you need high-performing internet access which can handle cloud connectivity and increased data volumes consistently. It makes sense that most SMBs are now moving to a hosted environment as it has so many benefits: reduce costs, increased productivity, better customer service, more efficiency, and staff mobility.


When it comes to the right connectivity solution for supporting cloud-based applications, affordability is always an important factor, with Gigabit connectivity being perceived by many SMBs as ‘out of their range’ in terms of cost. However, due to providers such as CityFibre and Government Voucher Schemes, you could save over £3,000 on leased line connectivity. You can, of course, spend as little or as much as you wish on internet access, with prices varying significantly from one product to another. However, when it comes to internet connectivity, you get what you pay for. Businesses should be very wary of choosing a cheap broadband provider. The cost of a high bandwidth internet connection is most likely far lower than you think.

Broadband (ADSL / Fibre / FTTC / Fibre to the Cabinet / Fibre Broadband)

A Broadband service is a public share connection that typically uses copper lines to the building. This restricts the performance and reliability of the internet. Although it is a cheaper service, the speeds are not guaranteed. Standard Broadband is now being viewed as insufficient for most SMBs due to advances in technology.

Low Costs

It is the cheapest way to access the Internet. You can typically pay anything between £10 – £40 per month. Service providers of standard broadband can not offer any guarantees in terms of performance/service which allows them to keep these prices low.

Unreliable Speeds

There are many unpredictable factors with a Broadband service – all of which are pretty much out of your control as a customer. These include the distance your business is from the telephone exchange, the quality of the copper in the ground, and network congestion. Each of these means that speeds can not be consistent, which in turn affects employee’s productivity and customer response times.

Upload/Download Performance

The speed of uploading is significantly lower than the download speed. This means that some common technologies including VOIP telephony, VPN, data backups and The Cloud can perform badly. A standard broadband connection puts you at a disadvantage to your competitors.


Response times are not guaranteed and can take days rather than hours. This loss of service could be disastrous to 99% of businesses. If you’re trying to access critical cloud-based services such as your CRM System or phones, it’s crucial that you are back up and running quickly should a fault occur.

Leased Lines (EFM / GEA / Full Fibre / Ethernet / Gigabit)

The government has recognised the positive impact that high-speed connectivity offers organisations and the economy. Therefore, we are able to give up to £3,000 off for leased line connections, which can mean a leased line can currently be cheaper than a standard Broadband connection in many cases. A Leased Line is a private connection providing dedicated internet access directly to a business. These dedicated services can be delivered over Fibre or Copper, although Fibre is preferred for achieving greater speeds and reliability. The service provider uses compressed air to ‘blow’ fibre through pre-existing ducts so that faster installs, lower costs, and greater distances can be achieved. They then terminate one end of the fibre inside your business premises and connect it to a router. This router allows the service provider to proactively monitor, support and manage the Internet connection for you 24/7.

Varied Costs

As would be expected, before the discounts we mention above, the cost of a Leased Line is more expensive than a standard Broadband connection. This is due to the superior assurances for quality and consistency in speed that are offered. The increase in price can vary depending on your office location and speed requirements.

Guaranteed Speeds

Leased Line speeds range from 10Mbps – 10Gbps. This can suit all business needs and is relatively flexible so you could start low (to keep your costs down), and then increase the speed (as your demand increases). As a fully private connection, speed and performance are consistent, assured and completely reliable to meet all expectations.

Upload/Download Performance

Leased lines mean services that need consistent upload speeds, such as data backups, cloud-based CRM Systems, VPN Remote access, and VOIP systems, will be completely reliable. Equal upload and download performance enables organisations to adopt cloud-based technologies to remain competitive.


In many cases, faults are identified before you are even aware that there is an issue. This is called Proactive Service Monitoring and is enabled 24/7. Once a fault has been raised there is typically a 30 – 60 minute engineer response time and a service restoration target of between 4 and 6 hours.

How can we help? 

Whilst the cost of a Leased Line can vary dependent on your location, you first of all need to establish if you are eligible for the government funding that is currently available. Get in touch with Teleconnect Service to find out! There won’t be a better time to consider upgrading your internet connectivity than now. A Leased Line provides the most reliable means for supporting remote workers, as well as accessing hosted services 24/7.

During this difficult time, we are also setting up all of our customers with remote working solutions, for free! Join us in supporting the NHS, WHO and British Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Under the current Government advice, most of us at Teleconnect Service will continue to work for you from home via remote access. Please contact us as you would normally: call us on 0113 217 2000, email info@teleconnectservice.co.uk, or use the live chat on our website. Your lead times may be a little longer than usual under the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, but we will endeavour to resolve every outstanding issue as quickly as possible. Please keep safe.

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