Teleconnect iPECS offer IP based hospitality solutions addressing the communication needs of hotels, motels, nursing homes, resorts and similar hospitality business.

With an iPECS hospitality solution from Teleconnect, you can empower hospitality service and staff productivity.

Customer experience is the new battlefield! Delivering an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever before… 72% of businesses agreed that improving customer experience was top priority. 95% of customers are likely to share a bad experience and 87% of customers are likely to share a good experience. It is more important than ever to keep your staff connected whether they are on or off hospitality grounds. This means your staff can deal with guests needs quickly. At the core of an iPECS hospitality solution is the iPECS call platforms, iPECS-CM, iPECS UCP and iPECS eMG series. They are highly flexible and can engage traditional SLT phones while combining new IP and soft phones for advanced features access. As new services to reduce cost and improve productivity are needed, they can easily integrate into the iPECS call platforms with IP based applications.

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