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At Teleconnect Service we provide a range of award-winning business telephone systems and handsets. We deliver a broad range of unified communications products from Ericsson-LG Enterprise that enable your business to communicate and collaborate with ease. Our iPECS telephone systems, such as the eMG80, deliver a simple and intuitive user experience, ensuring that users across the organisation can make the most of their communications regardless of the device they use. Our telephone systems include advanced VoIP technology supporting low cost SIP trunking, on/off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multi-site networking at minimal cost. We deliver simple and reliable telephony with a feature set that empowers your business to save money, drive productivity and increase customer satisfaction. With a range of embedded features that help your business compete and win, and the flexibility to meet the needs of office, home or road based users, our iPECS telephone systems are some of the best communication solutions. The LG iPECS handsets and telephone systems are simply brilliant and provide an amazing Unified Communications platform. The huge resource Ericsson-LG invest into their R&D means that the ‘end user experience’ is at the heart of the brand and their products. LG have long been established as one of the leading global companies in the electronic consumer market place, where ease of use combined with technical excellence are vital to the modern consumer. Technology designed with ‘ease of use’ as well as ‘reliability’ is a rare thing to come by in this digital age, especially in the business telephony arena. Combining the expertise of Ericsson and LG Electronics, the iPECS system was designed from the ground up to be modular. You can scale up as business requires and add features as necessary. The system requires minimal training and includes a wide range of powerful desk iPECS phones or simple soft phones. If you want any proof of our telephone systems reliability, iPECS is used and endorsed by the military as well as some of the world’s largest airports. Ericsson-LG is a global leader in both SME & Enterprise communications, operating in over 60 countries around the world. With over 40 years’ experience and with a workforce of over 700 in R&D alone, they have developed a range of cutting-edge wired, wireless and optical telecommunications and networking technologies. Ericsson-LG does not supply direct, but works in partnership with specialised Marketing Partners. Teleconnect has established itself as one of the leading dealerships in the country, providing total support to you, the customer. Since the LG telephone systems’ introduction into the UK, Teleconnect has been dedicated to the supply of Ericsson-LG telecommunication equipment and cloud services, regularly adding to the total of 2,000,000 telephone systems supplied in the UK in the last 28 years. At Teleconnect Service we even provide free training for the lifetime of your system. Why wouldn’t we? It’s that simple!