High speed fibre is fast becoming the standard requirement for business.

Teleconnect are at the forefront of providing customers with a range of services to suit every need and every budget.

High Speed Broadband

Fibre broadband from Teleconnect offers faster speeds and guaranteed throughput, so your business receives a consistently better performance. Fibre Broadband is an ideal solution for businesses that require higher bandwidth and faster speeds to improve the running of, and access to, multiple applications. With a guaranteed downstream throughput of 12Mbps, it provides a consistently better service than ADSL.

Internet Leased Lines

Internet requirements stretch way beyond the capability of broadband. Increase business productivity and efficiency with Leased Lines. Having fast and reliable internet connections isn’t a luxury; it’s a must. If being connected is critical to your company then Cloud-ready Internet Access (Ethernet) could be for you. Also known as Leased Lines or Dedicated Internet Access, these systems ensure the whole internet connection is yours and yours alone.


MPLS IPVPN provides fast, high-volume data transfer across your sites. MPLS allows for sub-second failover between switches by allowing each switch to keep a real time status of adjacent switches and routes to specific points in the network. If one link goes down, due to fibre or power failures at a third party site, switches know about this almost instantly and are able to reroute traffic with little or no disruption to service.

Our Partners

Teleconnect are a recognised BT Openreach Partner. Openreach looks after the fibres, wires and cables that connect the country. So whether you’re making calls, video conferencing with clients, sharing files, downloading music, streaming movies, or indulging in a bit of online retail therapy, Teleconnect can support your internet connection to the highest standard.

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